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Training Mission

Bmore Liberated is offering advanced graduate students in clinical training programs the opportunity to learn and collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of passionate, queer-identified clinicians. Bmore Liberated is a group practice located in Baltimore City that is rooted in equitable access to mental health resources, advocacy, social justice and cultural humility. We value brave dialogue, personal and professional growth, and service to the communities in which we serve and belong. 


Our training program prepares graduate students to work with historically underrepresented populations, namely the LGBTQ+ community, in both private practice and university settings. Our overarching training model is developmental in nature, offering supervision from a variety of theoretical orientations and working with students as closely as is needed to ensure confident and ethical practice. Students will gain experience working with various presenting concerns and will be able to tailor their clinical experience to continued areas of growth and/or professional interests. Trainees will develop empathic clinical skills that are transferable and applicable to a variety of mental health settings.  


Values and Guiding Principles 

  • We view the role of a trainee as one that is both vital to the continued growth and diversification of the clinical field and the continued development of the group practice. As such, trainees are viewed as integral members of the staff, whose contributions and feedback are not only valued but elicited.

  • We believe that a strong clinician is one that is continually learning and open to new ideas and modalities in order to honor the dynamic needs of a community that has been pathologized and abused by the mental health field. As such, we encourage regular engagement in continued education, self-examination and professional development opportunities. 

  • We acknowledge the influence that our personal identities have on how we are perceived by others, how we understand others, and how we engage with others. We find that it is critical to identify and challenge our biases, prejudice and privileges, while acknowledging the complexities of our intersectionality. As such, we openly dialogue about the ways in which our identities interplay with those presented by our clients, community partners and co-workers.  

  • We recognize the impact that local, regional and national events have on the mental health of our clientele.  Therefore, we encourage clinicians to consider not only the impact of systemic oppression, but also the ways in which popular media and the political landscape affect the mental health and sense of safety of community members.

  • We realize the physical, emotional and spiritual toll that clinical work can have on clinicians that are passionate and intentional in their work. As such, we strive to model professional development that is devoted to wellness and self-care. 

Training Experience

Given our developmental approach to training, trainees will work closely with their respective supervisors to identify both personal and professional goals for the training year. Based on the desires and needed experiences of the trainees, one’s training might include group therapy, couples therapy, outreach opportunities and consultation, in addition to individual therapy.

*Training opportunities available are contingent on the needs of the surrounding Baltimore community. 


Individual- Each trainee will be assigned to a psychologist at Bmore Liberated based on professional needs and interests. Individual supervision occurs on a weekly basis, and is aimed at supporting clinical practice, professional development and case management.

Group- Trainees will participate in weekly group supervision facilitated by a member of the Bmore Liberated team.  Through group supervision, trainees will gain experience presenting case conceptualizations, engage in group consultations and further explore themselves as cultural beings.

Professional Development Training (Seminars)

Educational seminars will be provided to trainees to help them continue their professional development. Seminars will be facilitated by members of the Bmore Liberated team, as well as specialized clinicians within the Baltimore community.  While seminar topics will largely be decided at the beginning of the year based on trainee interest and areas of continued development, possible clinical topics include kink-affirming and sex-positive therapy, Polyam-affirming therapy, reflexivity in clinical work, and how to start a private practice.


Materials will be considered for those applicants who:

  • Have at least two semesters of supervised clinical work that provided experience working with marginalized and historically underrepresented populations AND crisis management 

  • Have an ability to integrate advocacy and social justice principles into clinical practice 

  • Are in good academic standing with their home program with a GPA of 3.5 or higher

Preference will be given to candidates who:

  • Have experience working specifically with LGBTQIA+ populations

  • Hold marginalized identities

  • Have 3 semesters of clinical experience or more

  • Are available for the fall, spring and summer months 


Candidates are a good fit if they are:

  • Comfortable exercising clinical discretion and can demonstrate sound clinical judgment 

  • Passionate about social justice and advocacy work

  • Excited to collaborate on larger and/or more complex projects and feel comfortable transitioning from independent to team-oriented projects 

  • Receptive to feedback and open to continued learning

  • Able to self-advocate and effectively communicate needs and goals

  • Proactive, organized and responsive

  • Able to engage in reflective practice 

Application Process

Applications for the 2024-2025 academic year are now closed.

Please consider us again for your 2025-2026 training year!

More information will be made available November 1, 2024.

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