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Dr. Michael Marquez



As a queer, Latinx cisgender man, it is my passion to support my LGBTQIA+ and POC community in our own collective liberation. Too often counseling can feel like a non-inclusive space, and my work has focused on providing a healing space where clients feel comfortable being their genuine selves, free from judgment and guilt. Sometimes it feels like many of us move through our day wearing a mask to “fit in,” which is a heavy burden to bear. Together we can work towards removing this mask by helping you tap into what already lies within you - a bit of authenticity, a splash of self-compassion, and a healthy dose of empowerment.


I offer therapy to both adolescent youth and adults, particularly individuals who are struggling with life transitions, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, relationship challenges or identity issues. I am trans-affirming and also have a focus on men's issues. Additionally, I provide kink and poly informed counseling for couples and individuals.

If you're seeking a calming, collaborative, and silly therapist, I'd love to meet with you!

Individual Sessions: The initial session is $170 (Code 90791). Sessions after that are $160 (Code 90837). With the claim form I submit electronically you will end up likely paying out of pocket $10-$80 per session, which is the cost of a co-payment for most people.

Couple/Relationship/Family Therapy: The first session is $200 and sessions after are $190. If you’d like to have 90 minute relationship sessions, the fee is $260. Out of network electronic claims will be submitted for you if your insurance covers couples counseling.

Dr. Michael Marquez
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