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Want help making your practices more gender inclusive? More anti-racist? Less capitalistic? All of our clinicians are available for clinicians, individuals, or organizations that are looking for consultation in all areas of liberation work and its intersection with mental health. 

We have presented workshops and trainings for universities all over the country such as, Harvard University, MIT, University of Delaware, Emmanuel College, Indiana University, Georgetown University, Towson Unviersity, Loyola University of Maryland, and Indiana University of Pennsylvania. 

The Bmore Liberated staff has worked with the local Baltimore community, such as Lakeland Middle School, The Probono Counseling Project, and Social Driver, to deliver workshops on the following topics:

How to be an effective ally
How to feel your feelings
Optimizing interpersonal communication
Intersectionality 101
Ethical Non-monogamy: An introduction for clinicians
How to manage anxiety
Attachment Styles and how it impacts your relationships
The pursuer-withdrawer dynamic in relationships
Making your workplace more LGBTQIA+ affirming
Introduction to Positive Psychology

Effective communication and teamwork
Understanding privilege
How to increase cultural humility 
How to protect your energy
Interracial dialogues between colleagues
How to manage imposter syndrome
Performance mindsets

Contact one of us for more information about what we can offer and to discuss our rates!

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