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Yi Q. Chen, LMSW

Licensed Master Social Worker


I work with adults using an eclectic approach, combining somatic parts work, expressive therapies, and values-based approaches. I believe in the power of engaging your community of support with reciprocity, and building healthy spaces together in service of collective healing. 


Racial Trauma, Stress, and Anxiety: As a queer, Chinese, eldest daughter of immigrants, I believe that it is important to hold space for all parts of you, no matter how much hate those parts have internalized, and no matter how much love those parts have been denied. I believe that your personal and ancestral pasts inform your present, and that you also have the power to functionally rewrite and close the chapters that are rooted in powerlessness, guilt, fear, and shame, while freeing up the space and energy to curate the meaningful future you deserve. I utilize a harm reduction, Self-deterministic approach, and I believe in the importance of meeting you where you are from a place of compassion.


Interpersonal Relationships and Attachment: Systems of oppression aid and facilitate disconnection. In our intentionally cultivated safe healing space, you are invited to explore, process, and reflect on your relationship and intimacy needs, patterns of behavior, and styles of attachment. Together, we can assist you in approaching your relationships with a greater sense of security, love, and ease.


Somatic Internal Family Systems: Internal Family Systems is a therapeutic modality that acknowledges that we all have different “parts” or subpersonalities of ourselves that each hold emotions, beliefs, and traits. This is referred to as our “internal family”. In Somatic IFS, body-based somatic experiences are incorporated into the therapy (such as breath, movement, and attuned touch) to assist a person in helping all their parts meet their needs and come into harmony. Somatic Internal Family Systems can be helpful in addressing depression, anxiety, attachment based challenges, and other manifestations of trauma. We can set up a consultation, and talk about whether this modality could be right for you.

Payment Information: First individual session= $155; following sessions= $145

We collect the full payment and you’ll receive monthly superbills (special receipts) in case you want to submit to your insurance or FSA for reimbursement. If you have out of network benefits, after reimbursement your session fee may be $30-$90 out of pocket depending on your plan.

Please know that any communication or dealing with reimbursement denials are between you and your insurer. You always have the right to appeal denials with them, and request assistance from the MD State Insurance Commissioner. However, I am not involved in those communications.

I am currently under the supervision of Jasmine Holland, LCSW-C, License #24206

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