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While therapy is meant to foster growth and personal reflection, I strongly believe that therapy should also cultivate exploration, creativity, authenticity and voice. As a cisgender woman who identifies as biracial and queer, I cherish environments that affirm who I am in all of my complexities. Unfortunately, these environments can be hard to find, making us feel a pressure to leave parts of ourselves at the door in order to be accepted or seen by others. With a sense of safety and trust, you can ‘let your hair down’ and bring your full self to the table, free of judgment or expectations of conformity.  It is through this kind of collaborative and genuine relationship that we can begin to (re)discover your passions, strengths and goals together, liberating you from the daily challenges that you face intrapersonally and interpersonally.


I primarily work with young adult and adult populations that are navigating trauma, and/or struggling with romantic or interpersonal relationships. I specialize in performance anxiety, life transitions, and identity exploration. 

If you’re seeking a therapist that is nonjudgmental, genuine and likes to shake things up a bit, let’s chat!

Dr. Jackie Hyman



Individual Sessions: The initial session is $160 (Code 90791). Sessions after that are $150 (Code 90837). I can provide receipts for you to receive reimbursement (superbills) from your insurance plan, which typically reimburses for 50-90% of the session, which is the cost of a co-payment for most people. Please check with your insurance plan to confirm that they will cover out-of-network sessions.

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