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Nikki Falay, LCMFT

Licensed Clinical Marriage & Family Therapist


Feeling like your past experiences get in the way of having fulfilling relationships, staying present, or existing free from anxiety or depression can be scary and isolating; especially for those with marginalized identities. As dedicated as you may be to making positive change in your life, sometimes without the right help it can feel like nothing is working or like no improvement is sticking. These points of stuckness often try to drive us further from feeling encouraged or wanting to be vulnerable, but letting someone in who will treat your vulnerabilities with utmost care can be a life changing and growth inducing experience.

Having a place to share your story while feeling safe, supported, understood and affirmed in your identities can be healing in itself. Adding to that tools such as breaking patterns that don't serve you & making sense of your experiences can improve your life greatly, whether you're seeking therapy as an individual or working on your intimate relationships.


When choosing a therapist, making sure that they are the right fit for you is usually a daunting task. If what you are looking for is a compassionate therapist that will connect with you and work on a flexible, accommodating schedule; together we can explore if I would be a good fit for you! Our practice is TLGBQIA+, kink & non-monogamy centered

Individual Sessions: 50-55 minute sessions with individuals are $150. Longer and shorter sessions are available (45, 75, or 90 minutes) at a prorated fee.

Couple/Relationship/Family Therapy: 50-55 minute sessions with units of more than 1 person are $175. Longer sessions are available at a prorated fee. 

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